Paramatma Sandarba Lessons 22-24

Theme4, Lessons 22 & 24, Texts 105-110: Determination of Bhagavan as the subject of Srimad Bhagavatam based on six criteria. PPT and recordings of this class are available atĀ

Discussion highlights:
1. SB as the natuaral commentary on Brahma-sutra and Gayatri
2. Criteria 1of 6: The opening statement correlates to the ten topics, and the concluding statement determines the meaning of the opening statememnt.
3. Criteria 2-6: Repetition, novelty, result, glorification, and logic.

Theme 4 – Lesson22-24 review

In order to demonstrate that Bhagavan is ultimate subject of SB Srila JG establishes 6 criteria by which one
can establish meaning of text.
Slide 2 has the 6 criteria listed.
SB is natural commentary on Vedanta sutra. This is also described in 10 subject matters of SB.
Anything of importance is repeated throughout. So herein Bhagavan is repeateed throughout.

Slide 3
Sutra is compsed of two or three words but with a very deep meaning & it conveys meanings of lot of text in vedas
eg: Athatho Brahma Jijyasa
According to sanskrit grammar
* dhi in dhimahi is concentrate / meditate
* Jijyasa means NOT just passive inquiry but active intense inquiry
Tight knot between matter and spirit cannot be untied easily. This knot causes us atma-bandhanam.
We can cut this knot through achiitva-atchyutatam atma-anubhavate i.e. deep realization of supersoul in our heart
through jijyasa. This is indicated in firtst verse of Bhagavata. Dihimahi is deep meditation.
And this dhimahi is not just one person or one group but all living entities should together meditate on bhagavan.
Also this is not impersonal or brahman meditation. This si clearly personal meditation and not impersonal.

Slide 4
1.1.1 is opening verse and 12.13.19 is closing verse both end with “Satyam Param Dhimahi”
Chatuh shloki Bhagavatam was NOT spoken to Brahma like general material sense. It was revealed
in heart o Brahma – Asabdha – tene Brahma hridaye adi kavaye. Brahma was first seer in which
Deception is caused by Maha-maya
Entire teaching of SB are condensed in this first verse.

Lord compassion comeĀ  due to intense calling of Lord during suffering and not actually due to pain in
suffering. Lord is devoid of sorrow.
Jnana-Pradeep Intense illuminating knowledge revealed in our heart.
Disciplic succession is described here.
Tada-rupena is used for Narada Muni and Tada=rupina is used for Srila Vyasadev.
Yogindra – topmost yogi is Sukadeva Goswami
Bhagavat-Rataya – Pareekshit Maharaja who saw Supreme Personality of Godhead in womb of mother and hence he was completely fixed in krsna.

Slide 5 – 105.2
105.2 – Srila JG describes how SB is natural commentary on SB.
Note author of SB & BS is same.
BS opening verse is athato brahma jijyasa. Athato is composite word.
Brahma-Jijyasa -is profound repeated meditation intense inquiry on supreme person – swayavam Bhagavan – Vrndavan Krsna.
and this meditation applies to all in all circumstances and all places.
deep meaining of SB is through Sandarbhas

Slide 6 – 10 points established by Srila JG

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