Bhakti Sandarba Lesson 2

Lesson 2, Texts 18-32: Devotion intended for Sri Krishna, the complete whole. PPT and recordings of this class are available at

Discussion Highlights: Introduction and Overview
Lesson 2, Texts 18-32: Devotion intended for Sri Krishna, the complete whole
1. Demigod worship is conducted under rajas and tamas
  a. Unlike Brahma and Shiva, who promotes rajas and tamas, Krishna alone is pure sattva.
2. Devotion is meant for the entity who embodies complete synthesis
  a. Devotion unto Krishna is the essence of all the Vedas
  b. Devotion is meant for the witness of all phenomena
  c. Bhalkti is the methodology even for those with desire

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Fruits achieved through demigod worship are limited since demigods life span is also limited
albeit its longer than human life but even for demigods their life span and abode is limited

Text 19 and 20 – worship of demigods is that for those with material desire and under lower modes.

Krsna purifies heart of even neophyte devotee who worships him for material desire.
the neophyte devotee does understand ultimate goal is pure worship of krsna but even for material
desire he approach to krsna first.

when we have to achieve pure love we have to transcend material desire which can be achieved by
service to krsna.

in some examples many devotees worship demigod to get krsna bhakti eg : Gopis but that is lila.

we do have to understand that demigods are pious souls and designated administrative in charge.
so by their mercy we can pray krsna

Slide 4- theme II – Devotion is meant for SPG ( or entity who embodies complete synthesis)

- Other name of krsna is yagna
- Yoga is not for health benefits. Ultimate aim of yoga is to achieve krsna
- varna asrama states many prescribed duties and divisions but ultimate goal is to serve Krsna
(. samsadhir Hari tosanam)
- Vasudeva para yaoga.. Vasudev para kriya .. Vasudeva param jnanam .. Vasudev para gatim
ultimate goal of yoga , karma, knowledge, and ultimate shelter is Vasudev ( Krsna )
Text 22
- Maya is external energy of Lord but does not impact or influence lord he is completely independet.

Text 23
- verse 1.5.12  from SB is quoted wherein Sri Narada Muni chastised Srila Vyasa deva stating that
janana must mix with devotion other wise it is just wasted effort .. srama eva hi kevalam.
so what to say of karma which is always inauspicious.
- first part of karma yoga being to whom karma yoga being performed
krsna mentions

Q) If it took Brahma 3 readings to understand Bhakti is topmost then it takes time for
us to understand should be no surprise
Answer : We need to take complete perspective. Srila Jiva Goswami said when direct meaning does not apply
we have to check for indirect meaning as well. Lord Brahma is no ordinary soul. He was blessed by Lord and
he is devotee as well. So his reading 3 times was to ensure all loose ends are tied up.
Brahma did not study 3 times to go as a ladder or step wise approach from karma, jnana, yoga. He was alreaady a devotee so hisreading 3 times was to connect all points.

slide 9
- consistency and regularity is important .. nityam bhagavata sevaya
- material mode of goodnesss can degrade one to lower modes. so we have to upgrade from material mode to pure mode of goodness
that will rescue us from this lower modes.
- how to always remain in mode of goodness – hear and discuss about Krsna
Slide 10
text 31 – Bhakti is methodology even for those with material desire
3.21.24 – Lord himslef promises to Kardama muni that his worship never goes in vain. Krsna takes personal charge of devotee
engaged in his worship.

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theme 3- Life without bhakti is meaningless
devotion transcends affects of time.. srila JG states this method by vyatireka or negative concomitance.
time spent in devotion is not counted – how? end of material life he does not have to come back.. Krsna
ensures he does not have to come back. Death is change of material body. But devotee goes back to spiritual world.

human form means we are meant to serve Supreme Lord else we are no better than animals.

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