Paramatma Sandarba Lessons 19-21

Lessons 19-21, Texts 93-104: Bhagavan’s impartiality  and His intention in regard to the creative act. PPT and recordings of this class are available at

Real “I” consciousness is never lost even in deep sleep, when we wake up we can remember we slept well, that is possible because of consciousness.

Real aham tatva is the foundation for Ahankara

Maya is real cause of material existence. Jiva’s material existence is from time immemorial. Material existence of the jiva is like a dream state, in a dream.

Maya is unable to control Paramatma, How come Jiva is controlled? Paramatma owns maya, Paramatma is the one who controls Maya. Maya is like a shadow, can not ove cast Paramatma but can overcast others. As long as Jiva is under Paramatma realization Maya can not touch Jiva.

Lessons 19-21, Texts 93-104:  Bhagavan’s impartiality and His intention in regard to the creative act

Bhagavan acts only for the delight of His devotees SB 1.8.20: Kuntidevi: “You have appeared to grant bhakti-yoga to the pure hearted paramahamsa sages. So how can we women see you?”

SB 10.14.37: Brahma’s statements: “To expand the totality of bliss of those who are surrendered unto you, O Lord, You imitate the ways of the world on earth, though You are beyond all connection with the world.”

Text 93.3: Devotees are self-satisfied, Bhagavan gives bliss to His devotees. Text 93.4: Bhakti exists both in devotees as well as in Bhagavan: Bhakti is the very essence of hladini Sakti of His internal potency, bliss. Just as devotees are surrendered to Him, He allows His devotees control Him. As a chaste wife controls her beloved husband. His dear devotees control the Lord who give up everything for the sake of the Lord including their own welfare to them Lord gives Himself.

He is not ungrateful, nor He lacks self-realization.

He declares that He is dependent on His devotees because they have captured His heart by their love.

Compassion is the transformation of heart.

Text 93.5: Bhagavan has no experience of material misery, He is not compelled by compassion!!

Jiva Goswami, to these objections, replies that the pain and pleasure of a devotee are not material. Rather, they are both manifestation of bhakti, the intrinsic potency of the lord.

In Gajendra’s pastime, Lord was able to empathize with the pain of Gajendra. Not by Gajendra’s intense pain by his earnest surrender Lord rescued same with Draupadi when she was being disrobed. This is how to attract mercy. This is how Lord’s compassion works.

Bhagavan is complete in Himself, Atma Rama, He comes to give pleasure to His devotees.

Text 94: Bhagavan has no enemies

SB 7.1.2: “He who directly embodies the supreme welfare certainly has no purpose to fulfill from the hosts of demigods, nor does He, who is devoid of the material modes, fell any animosity toward the demons, nor is He any way fearful of them.”

Text 97: Sages glorify Bhagavan and His devotees

SB 7.1.5: “Bhagavan’s exploits are supremely pious and so are sung by great sages like Narada. First bowing to the sage Vyasadeva, I shall ”

Text 98: Bhagavan behaves as if conditioned

SB 7.1.6: “Although devoid of the material modes, unborn, unmanifest, and beyond material nature, Bhagavan enters into the modes of His own Maya and assumes the roles of oppressor [badhaka] and oppressed [badhya].”

Text 99-104: Visuddha-sattva is different from material sattva Material sattva => Part of material nature and subject to modification Visuddha sattva => Immutable and intrinsic potency of Bhagavan

Even though the Supersoul is situated in everyone’s heart, He is attached to the devotees. Ex: People may live in a city with millions of people, but their affection is only for their family and friends.

Texts 103-104: Bhagavan protects His devotees and kills the demons – The history of Jaya and Vijay

The Lord acts only for the sake of His devotees, whereas the functions of creation, sustenance, and dissolution of the cosmos are carried out solely to facilitate that purpose.

Externally it may seem He is biased but in reality He is playing exclusively with His own potency.

Queries by audience which were answered by His Grace Charu Chandra Prabhuji:

Modher Aditi’s prayers resulted in restoring the kingom of Indra – True, Aditi performs Payo vrata and Lord takes birth in her womb

Could you please explain the text 93.3. I could not relate to the question and response.Could you please elaborate? “Devotees are always Self-satisfied and the response is “Devotees transcendental bodies are endowed with vishuddha sattva”. Just as Lord is Atma Rama, self-satisfied, devotees are also self-satisfied yet they are very much devotionally oriented to the Lord. Mutual devotion between Lord His devotees. Lord also completely let controlled by His devotees. It is not material mode of goddness it is pure mode of goodness.

Slide 7. I want to add a comment. Gajendra in his previous life was King Indradyumna who had installed Lord Jagannatha, Baladev and Subhadra in Puri and the ceremony was presided over by Lord Brahma. Due to a curse by Agastya Muni, he became an elephant. Lord’s protection is always there for His devotees, even though temporary inconveniences are there, His protection is there ultimately.

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