Paramatma Sandarba Lesson 18

Lesson 18, Texts 82-92: Maya’s relation to the Jiva and Paramatma. PPT and recordings of this class are available at

- Since maya has inconceivable potency and bhagawan’s own maya, how can we refer to maya as inferior to Jiva? It should be considered superior.

- Ahankara or upadhi can be removed by intense inquiry (jinasa) of paramatma
- simply knowing  we are not body but spirit soul i.e. atmajnanais NOT enough. that is jivan-mukta.
next level of realization that we are spirit soul and part+parcel of Lord is required to remove upadhi.
- once upadhis removed we are restored to original state as servitor of lord.
- ahnkara is very deep rooted.

- using the sword of intelligence (chittva-atchutya-atma-anubhavo) direct realization of atchutya.
we have to cut down the tight knot of atma-bandhana.. We should
- tama-aahur:

- ulimtate  dissolution is when jiva never has to come back.

Text 86: Lila cannot be caused behind creation
- A child is impelled to play due to his own desire or other childs desire. but that cannot be cause of
creation for SPG is all self satisfied.
- Guna Mayi Atma mamaya :
- sansthapyati – establishes
- etad : again
- prati-api-dashyate: disolution is reverse of creation
- desa-kala-swataha-anyatah : time, place circumstance: In any circumstance jiva is not affected by
how does this affect Jiva who is transcendental
- Maya is inferior energy but able to control superior energy, how is that?

 Slide 12, Text 90 Answers:
Q. Parmatma is dvoid of material qualities yet he creates material world
Q. how is Jiva controlled by Maya?
Answer : Maya conditions Jiva by her inconceivable potency:
JG disects this verse and gives very deep meaning.
our logic does not apply to paramatma same way our logic does not apply even to maya- transrational.
bhagavato-maya means this is bhagavan’s own maya means she is bhagavans own maya she is not allowed as part of his swarupa

Slide 14:
Just because we are bound by Maya does not mean we have to remain bound, we can free ourself,
Hence jiva is called Iswara for it can regain its lost relation and also called vimukta for its bondage is not real.

Slide 15 – 1st Analogy:
In a dream state one can see his head being cut, in awaken state one cannot even see his head.

Slide 16 & 17 – 2nd Analogy:
- Reflection of moon in water  appears moving if wind moves the water. real moon is not affected it is the image.
- It is Jiva which enters Maya and NOT vice-versa


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