Paramatma Sandarba Lessons 13-14

Theme 3, Lessons 13 & 14, Texts 61-69: Everything, including the universe, is non-diferent from Paramatma. PPT and recordings of this class are available at 


  1. How is it that Paramatma is both the nimitta and upadana causes of the cosmic manifestation, their effect, which is non-different from Him, and yet He is different from everything, including the universe? [sat-karya-vada: Although an effect is not different from its effect, the cause is not absolutely one with its effect.]
  2. How is the universe and everything else, is non-different from Paramatma?
  3. The gross physical body is neither an aggregate of its parts (the 5 gross elements), nor a new object separate from its parts, nor is it a unit identical with its parts. If so, then what exactly is this unit, our physical body? Even the material elements are not the independent causes.
  4. How is Paramatma distinct from the cosmic manifestation out of His Maya potency, from Maya itself, and from the Jiva?
  5. If the universe is non-different from Paramatma, then why does not everyone perceive it to be so?  Perception of the world as Paramatma’s inconceivable potency!


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