Paramatma Sandarba Lesson 17

Lessons 17, Texts 74-81: The cause exists independent of its effect. PPT and recordings of this class are available at

Text 74: The jiva is distinct from the three states of buddhi.
SB 12.4.25: “Wakefulness, dreaming, and deep sleep are said to be 3 states of intellect (buddhi). These manifoldness projected onto the indwelling self (pratyag-atma) is nothing but illusion, O King.”

Pure self (atma) is independent of these three states (wakefulness, dreaming and deep sleep)

Text 75: Paramatma has no contact with the universe. SB 12.4.26: “Just as clouds appear and disappear in the sky, so this universe, which is whole inclusive of parts (avayavi), sometimes appears and sometimes disappears in Brahman, because it has a beginning (Uday) and an end (apyay).”

Although the universe is real and non-different from Paramatma, it does not influence Him-all the changes in the universe have no effect on Him.

Text 76: The cause exists independent of its effect SB 12.4.27: “Dear King, in this world the part [avayava] of every whole possessing parts [avayavi] has been declared to be real. This is due to the fact that parts are seen to exist in the absence of a whole unit, just as the threads of a cloth exist even when there is no cloth.”

Text 77-78: The effect exists in its cause Cause exists before effect (Paramatma exists before Universe). Paramatma is the potential cause of this material Universe. Paramatma decides when to manifest universe and when not to manifest. Universe does not manifest until Paramatma desires it so.

Vivarta vada do not accept that the effect exists in the cause. They claim is Brahman is real that the Universe is illusory. This is the defect in Vivarta vada doctrine. If the cause is real, the effect cannot be an illusion.

Text 79: The universe cannot be explained independently of Paramatma SB 12.4.29: “Although manifest, the world cannot be explained in the least degree independently of Paramatma. If it were capable of being so explained, then it would be equal to conscious entity like Paramatma.”

Text 80: Paramatma is free from adjuncts SB 12.4.30: “There is no plurality (nanatva) at all of the Absolute Truth (Satyasya Paramatma). If one thinks of it as diverse, then he is devoid of authentic knowing (avidvan), because its plurality is like the distinction between the space, between the light in one’s courtyard and that pervading the world, and between the air outside and inside the body.”

Text 81: All worlds signify Bhagavan SB 12.4.31: Just as practical dealings. Gold is perceived in many forms [being shaped into bangles, earrings, and so on] by human beings through manufacturing process [kriyabhi], so Bhagavan, is beyond sense perception, is described [vyakyayate] by people through words [vachobih], both vedic and secular.”

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The deep sleep state , does it need to be during bodily sleep or can we call this as the state achived in Samadhi !

Prabhuji thanks a lot for resolving the confusion in my mind regarding the three states. Now it is crystal clear to me.One point about Upadhis. British neurologist Sir John Eccles (Nobel prize in Medicine in 1963) asserts “there is no colour, in the natural world and no sound – nothing of this kind; no textures, no patterns, no beauty, no scent etc. In short, none of the objective facts upon which we usually base our reality is fundamentally valid”. Thus, the upadhis have been playing their roles through the Maya potency of the Lord and accepted by science also.

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